Are you struggling with feeling frustrated, powerless and confused moving forward in your life? Do you feel like you’re meant to do something more fulfilling and purposeful? Or that you just want to switch things up and have more fun and adventure instead of the same old thing day after day? Yet the monkey chatter in your mind tells you that you can’t. It tells you that you don’t have enough time, money, experience or you’ll fail like you did before. It just keeps rehashing the same stories over and over until you’re convinced that your life will never change.


How do I know I can help you? Because I’ve been there. After my divorce in 2010 I was broke, my self esteem shattered and had no idea how to create a better life for myself and family. Yet I knew there was a greater purpose for me. Over the next few years it’s seemed like no matter what I tried, failed.

It wasn’t until I discovered that the monkey chatter had taken over my thinking and kept me STUCK & POWERLESS to create the life I so desired. Here you will discover how to liberate your monkey chatter so you can awaken your heart, ignite your passion and own your power. Are you ready to to turn off the chatter? Get a copy of my book, it’s a guide to help people liberate themselves from the negative monkey chatter of their mind and to reconnect to their inherent wisdom and guidance that comes from trusting their intuition and hearts desires. I am speaking from my heart and sharing my personal journey of how I learned to recognize FEAR for what it really is. My book gives you “real life” tools that empower you to pursue your own personal goals or purpose. Nothing can stop you dead in your tracks like FEAR, except when you learn how to Get the “F” Out!

Sob Story; The Power of Your Tears

O.K. so you’ve been hit with a proverbial 2×4 which has sent you spinning into anger, frustration, or sadness and now you feel like you’re sinking into a quicksand of emotions sinking deeper into the muck struggling to not  be swallowed whole by the... read more

Big Fish Story

Last Sunday morning I caught the 2nd half of the movie “The Big Fish” on TV. Once I started watching it I was hooked and captured by the film’s adventures told about a dying man’s life. His life is revealed based on his storytelling and the reconciliation between him... read more

Is Your Life Like Groundhog Day?

Ever feel like your life is like Bill Murray’s in Groundhog Day? Do you ever run into someone you haven’t seen for awhile and ask them how they’re doing and they reply, “Same sh*%, different day.” Hmmm, when life feels like an endless rut... read more

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