How Much Is Your F.E.A.R. Costing You in Health, Happiness and Your Bank Account?

If you’re struggling with overwhelm, anxiety or burn out you’re experiencing F.E.A.R. (Feelings Experienced As Resistance) Yet your life isn’t meant to feel like a struggle. What if you could take control of your thoughts, connect to your inner wisdom and guidance, make decisions with greater confidence and clarity embracing your personal power? Would your life be different?

You can and it doesn’t have to hard.  You have the power to create the life you desire, to do work that’s meaningful and joyful, to be happy, in control and at peace. You just need the right tools to learn how to liberate your fear.

  • Are you a heart centered entrepreneur or small business owner that’s overwhelmed?
  • Do you have a vision and passion to help create a World that works for everyone but don’t know how to move forward with it?
  • Do you lay awake at night with worry?
  • Do you feel stuck like you just can’t seem to get ahead?
  • Do you procrastinate on your priorities and then feel like you haven’t gotten anything done?
  • Are you working really hard on your business but not getting any ROI?
  • Are you going through a transition feeling anxious about your future?
  • Does your negative self-talk (monkey chatter) take over whenever you attempt to do anything new or make improvements in your life?
  • Would you like to have the tools to take charge of your thoughts, be able to connect with your inner guidance and feel peace of mind under any circumstance?
  • When you see others living their “ideal life” do you say to yourself, “I wish I knew how to do that.”

It’s Time to Send Your F.E.A.R. on a Permanent Vacation.

Taking control of the monkey chatter that derails your self esteem, your success, relationships and strips you of your personal power doesn’t have to be hard. It takes making a commitment to yourself, having the right tools and practice.


When you’re living your life based on fear based thinking, you’re cutting yourself off from your inner wisdom, guidance and joy.

People who are transformed by working with me are inspired, committed and ready to take charge of their “monkey chatter” to connect more deeply with their authentic voice and vision in their work and life. They may feel anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated or even depressed about their current situation, yet they’re eager to create a better life for themselves by awakening their heart, opening to their “true self”, living authentically with purpose and passion. They’re willing to invest in themselves, implement the tools, skills and strategies they learn so they change their life to one of greater connection, confidence, success and happiness.

Are you READY to Liberate Your Fear?

Get a copy of the 1st chapter from my book Get the “F” Out!  When you read Fear is a Four Letter Word, you’ll discover the source of your fear, why it’s so pervasive and what’s necessary to change it. Register here to grab your FREE copy.

Want to know what customers are saying about my work?

Like many people, for many years I was setting goals. Some goals I was able to achieve, others I was not. I read books that focused on goal setting, listened to numerous webinars and CD’s, hired personal coaches… all to move me forward in the direction of my goals and my future. As I went over my goals, with the help of Carolyn, I realized many of my goals had no real meaning to me. As Carolyn coached with an empathetic heart, I found myself actually becoming very emotional, sometimes to the point of tears. For the first time in my life, my goals became clear because they were attached to my heart strings…to what makes my heart beat!  My goals, dreams and desires came from the very depth of my entire being!

Carolyn would not make you go emotionally, spiritually or mentally where she hasn’t gone herself. That’s what I was looking for in a coach someone who has personally done the work themselves. I have relied on Carolyn’s compassion and knowledge and now consider her a good friend, a mentor and a blessing in my life.

Thank you Carolyn for all you do for so many!” – Celeste White


“Carolyn helped me work through an “Ahhh!” moment just days before launching a business. Her style put me at ease: we chatted and she heard me out, giving voice to some of the stuff swirling around my mind. Carolyn didn’t just pump me up on the phone — she gave me actionable homework and exercises to implement afterward. And it helped BIG TIME.  I’ve gone from not feeling “good enough” to chomping at the bit to get my name out there. We have plans to do a little more work on anxieties, and I can’t wait!” – Erica Breuer


Get it, read it, HEED it! Great book, easy to read with lots of great advice from the heart of Carolyn! – Frederick J.  Dawson

 “A must read. A book I can fully relate to. As I read through her life I am reading through my own life.” – Vernon M. Selden

“Little book, big message. Loved soaking up the sun and salt air while being reminded of truths that I have known for many years…yet, life & the stresses of it can sometimes cause amnesia of what we came here already knowing as truth. We were created in love, to be love, create love and share love. Beach not required but oh so enjoyed reading this treasure there!……” – Dee Langshaw Cairo

“Get the “F” Out, hits the nail on the head of how FEAR can rob our lives.  In an engaging, conversational style, Carolyn Bennett-Sullivan clarifies for us that we are only inhibited by FEAR, when we allow monkey chatter to run wild.  What an excellent reminder that love banishes fear and leads us to greater freedom.”  Donna Duffy, CEO/Founder 3E Marketing Solutions

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