FEAR.  You get bombarded by it by the media, you experience it to varying degrees in your own life. It can be as inconsequential as fleeting butterflies in your stomach or powerful enough to knock you to your knees. Various acronyms and sayings abound about it. False Evidence Appearing Real, Face It and Rise or my favorite (because it’s mine) Feelings Experienced As Resistance. One thing that’s for sure is that it’s wired into us. If I told you you’d never feel worried, rejected, confused or unhappy again, I’d be a BOLD faced liar, right?

Fear my friend, is a part of who we are as human beings. It’s lodged right smack in the EGO where it lures us into safety, complacency and self limiting beliefs and behaviors. Not that it doesn’t serve a purpose, it does. If I’m in an unsafe place or situation I WANT to feel it so I can get the hell out of there.

But most of the time it creates havoc and discord within and in your life. And this I know oh, so well.  Here are 5 of the lessons I learned in overcoming my own fear.

1.       It Can’t Be Completely Eliminated

2.       Don’t Shove It Down or Avoid It

3.       View It as a Teacher

4.       Use It to Propel You Forward

5.       Bless It for How It Helps You Grow and Expand

F.E.A.R. may accompany you throughout your life BUT it doesn’t have to control you. You my friend have the power to claim your independence from it by choosing to live from a place of love starting with loving yourself first.img_0350 img_0161 img_0512 img_0354