What if you forgave yourself and let go of ALL the regret and guilt you’ve been holding onto? And PUHLEASE don’t tell me you don’t have any. O.K. for those REALLY Spiritually Awakened, Connected and Aligned you may have worked through this ONE. Yet even some of the most consciously aware people I know still have layers of regret and guilt they’re releasing. Me too! This is a process.

Play with me, here. What if you could, what if you did let it go? How would you feel and what would your life be like? I’ve been working on this lately and I’ve got to tell you the sense of freedom and acceptance it’s giving me feels so damn good!

This morning I locked my purse with my keys and cell phone in my car. I was on my way to a monthly meeting. So I went up to the meeting told them I needed to use their phone and why. Some of the comments I heard were, “Oh, you’re having a Monday”, “She’s having a bad day”, it could’ve felt that way if I let it. BUT I didn’t.

I called USAA (who I love by the way) they connected me with roadside assistance and within 45 minutes it was all taken care of. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

The point of this story is:

#1 Present moment awareness. I could’ve avoided it completely had I really been paying attention to what I was doing.

#2 Shit happens. I made the choice not to get caught in the drama of the situation and allow it to effect my mood and attitude. It was just another experience on the journey called life.

#3 I set the intention it was going to be resolved with ease. And it was!

We forget we’re so powerful in every moment we get to choose how we feel and what we think. On another day I may have freaked out and beat myself up for being so stupid. Today I didn’t.

What if you let go of regret and guilt? I’d love to hear your comments.