Did you and your friends say this as a kid? I can remember thinking it was sooooo funny.  Halloween was so much fun for me growing up. I used to carry a pillow case as my bag and try to get to every house in my neighborhood which was no small feat. It was ALL about getting as much candy as I could carry home. Then I dump it out on the kitchen table and look through it like it was golden treasure.  I’m smiling just thinking about it.

What does Halloween conjure up for you? Scary memories of witches and goblins or happy memories of trick or treating with friends and bringing home a stash of candy?

Memories bring emotions and beliefs with them. Are yours serving you?  Sometimes the memories cause us pain and keep us from taking a chance at something new. It’s like wearing the same Halloween costume over and over again even when it doesn’t fit you anymore.

If you have memories causing you to struggle it’s time to let them go.

Here are 3 tips not tricks to help you:

  1. Recognize the memory is a part of your past; you don’t need to bring it into the present or future.
  2. Get clear about why it feels so painful to you and ask yourself what the underlying core belief is.
  3. What have you learned from it? What good came because of it?

When you do these 3 things it gives you the clarity and power to change your thoughts and beliefs around the situation or person. Everything happens for you so in every challenge or painful experience there’s always a blessing meant for you when you open your mind and heart to receive it.

O.K. now can you finish this sentence, “Trick or treat, smell my feet………….”?

If you know the answer email me at Carolyn@carolynbsullivan.com and you’ll receive $50.00 off a UnStuck to Unstoppable Strategy Session but don’t wait til the next full moon. You only have til midnight on November 2 to give me the correct answer. Then it disappears like Halloween treats from the candy jar.

Happy Halloween. May yours be sweet.halloween1