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Last Thursday I moved. It’s been five years since I last moved and somehow I’d forgotten how much time, effort and energy it takes. No surprise moving is considered in the top 5 stressors you experience in life. In fact, it’s listed by some experts as MORE stressful than divorce.

Who likes packing and unpacking? Not me. Honestly I detest it. If you like it you’re welcome to come over and help me unpack and get organized. Really, feel free, I’d love to have your company and an extra set of hands. Not interested, hmmm can’t say I blame you.

Sunday night I went to bed exhausted hoping to get a good nights sleep. Maybe its the new environment but I haven’t been sleeping well since moving day. Around 4 am I was awakened hearing my cat running around my bedroom. He was next to my bed and it sounded like he was playing with something. I rolled over and put my hand out to see what he had and instantly felt a sharp pain in one of my fingers. I yelled “Ouch” and could feel my finger bleeding. “What the hell” I thought as I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. When I flipped on the light I could see I’d been bitten. And then I saw my cat chasing something gray with a tail.

REALLY? I have to deal with this right now, shit. My finger’s bleeding and throbbing and I’m so freakin tired. Before I can barricade it in the bathroom it runs and hides under a dresser. And I decide there’s no way I’m going to try and get it out by myself and not now. Sox my cat will make sure it’s not going anywhere. So I made a meager attempt to go back to sleep.

Turns out what I thought was a mouse was a red flying squirrel. Fortunately I found an expert to remove and release it. It was no small feat. There’s no way I could’ve done it.

So what does moving and a flying squirrel have in common? Both stressed me out. Truth is I’ve allowed myself to feel stressed because in reality it’s my choice. Now you might say, “Carolyn really, that would stress anyone out.”

True as humans we’re prone to feel stress during change or when the unexpected happens. However my reaction is completely up to me and that’s true for you too. And that’s the GOOD news. Just like me you’re always given the opportunity to choose your thoughts and feelings, to honor your emotions without being victim to them.

No matter what’s stressing you out you have the power to tame it and return to place of peace. If you’re struggling with your own flying squirrel schedule a complimentary Name It To Change It session with me. Schedule here.

And if you change your mind and want to help me unpack let me know. 🙂