Are Your Juices Flowing?

Are Your Juices Flowing?

Wow! An amazing talk came to me as I was walking the other day. Too bad I didn’t record it. I really should learn to bring my phone with me when I walk so I can capture ideas when I receive them.  I prefer to keep the distractions at bay while I’m walking hence why my phone is typically left in my car. There’s something about being fully present (at least as much as I can manage) when I’m in nature. It fills me with a sense of connection and joy.

So instead I sit at the computer and draft and re-draft my talk. So much for my outline, this talk has taken on a life of it’s own. Often that’s the way it works with me. I start with a specific outline only for it to evolve and change as I work on my presentation or talk. It’s part of creativity, staying open and curious and allowing ideas to unfold instead of forcing them to fit into preformed box.


Don’t get me wrong, outlines are important.  I always start with an outline when I’m creating a talk, workshop or book, they help me to stay focused and on topic. Otherwise the monkey mind takes over and I’m all over the place.  Oh I just saw the BEST recipe for chicken on Facebook. Wait! Wait! See what I mean?


Outlines are definitely valuable as is speaking from my heart because the ideas that come through my heart I believe are inspired by my soul. It’s why ideas flow to me when I’m walking, it’s the connection I feel to the Earth and the Universe when I’m in nature. For some people they get great ideas when they’re in the shower or while driving.


What gets your juices flowing? What helps you remain curious and open when you have a project or task you’re working on? I encourage to do more of it and see what ideas come to you. Think I’ll go for a walk and take my phone with me. 🙂