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Yesterday my recent TedX talk was posted on YouTube. WOW! Exciting and scary at the same time. Speaking on a TedX  stage was a dream come true. Watching myself doing a TedX talk is another story. My inner critic tried to take over, I shut her down, well, as best I could. Who knew they’d actually put footage of me from behind in the video.  Oy vey, didn’t see that one coming.  My talk along with my big butt is there for all the world to see. Today I want to relish the feeling of accomplishment and to remember what it took to get there. Before I forget how nervous I felt before going on the stage, the excitement and confidence I felt as the words flowed from me to the audience and the many hours I prepared and practiced so that I could give my best. More importantly the connection I felt with the other speakers, what I learned from them and the inspiration I now feel because of them. Being on the TedX stage was a goal of mine and it feels amazing to have achieved it. Yet it’s so much more than the accolades of having spoken on the red carpet. It’s the connection between a small yet diverse group of like minded people some who have overcome harsh realities I can’t even imagine to brilliant young minds that blow me away with their intelligence and achievements as teenagers and young adults. This has been an incredible, intense, transformative journey.  I now feel a greater sense of urgency to focus on my goals, to do and give more to help my community.  Being a TedX speaker is demanding, it requires dedication and commitment to meet deadlines and practice until you feel you’ve got nothing left.

This experience has been life changing for me and I hope inspirational and cathartic for those who saw it and will view my talk. Because for me, it’s about helping people and organizations embrace change through my message.  Otherwise it’s not an idea worth sharing.  Thank you TedX for allowing my voice to be heard so together we improve and transform lives locally and globally.   Here’s the link if you’d like to view it. https://youtu.be/i1zlw-ngvB4