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I used to feel like an outsider in my own life always looking to others to validate my value, worth, and happiness. Despite having a successful career in pharmaceutical sales, knowing I was intelligent, talented, well-liked and fun, I struggled with a lack of self-esteem. Inside I never felt I was good enough I was constantly trying to prove my worth by being better, nice and not rocking the boat in my relationships. Even though I appeared confident on the outside, I let other people’s opinions determine my sense of value.

Yet, deep inside I knew I was here for a reason and destined for something BIGGER, but I couldn’t seem to get out of my own way.

After my divorce in 2010 and lame attempts to re-enter the corporate world of sales, I realized my life needed to change in a BIG way.  I was broke, broken and depressed. I felt powerless to make the changes I wanted, to feel confident and pursue the life I desired. My self-esteem was at an all-time low, yet I knew I couldn’t give up, that somehow I had to stand up for me.

In 2012, I became a Certified Passion Test® facilitator, so I could guide people to become crystal clear on their top passions and priorities. Finally, I felt like I found my mission, my purpose.

What I discovered was although I was clear about my Vision, fear disguised as monkey chatter (negative self-talk) stopped me in my tracks and kept me stuck from living my life’s purpose. I struggled with putting myself out there, found myself procrastinating and making excuses for why I wasn’t pursuing my passions. I doubted myself and felt guilty and worthless in my ability to create the life I desired. I knew I was gifted, intelligent and I loved helping people, BUT I couldn’t seem to move forward.

We’re constantly given the opportunity to choose how we feel, how we treat ourselves and how we treat others. When we choose L.O.V.E., life takes on a greater sense of ease, adventure and fun. – Carolyn Bennett Sullivan from her book “Get the “F” out”

It was time to take a stand and reclaim my independence from the self-doubt and fear controlling me. Finally, I realized it was my F.E.A.R. (Feelings Experienced As Resistance) swirling in my mind keeping me stuck in the same patterns of sabotaging behaviors. I knew I had the power to change it but how?

It became my mission to learn how to free myself from my own fear, to un-cage the chatter in my mind and take back my life. 


I started by creating a process for myself to quickly shift from feeling powerless to powerful. It became my Free Your Fear©, 7 Steps to Quickly Shift Your Shiz process. Through this tool, I learned how to reveal the core belief behind any situation causing me doubt, worry, anger, frustration, sadness, overwhelm, resentment and to shift that belief from a victim mentality to empowered creator of my own solutions. And I began teaching people how to do the same.

Even though I was gaining the clarity and courage to move my life forward, I was still filled with self-doubt. What if people didn’t find my work valuable? What if it didn’t make a difference in their lives? These fears kept me stuck from making myself visible, from REALLY getting my work and worth out into the World. That’s when I realized I had to walk through the fire of my own fear to do the work I know I’m meant to do, make the difference I want to make and create the life I desire.

My book and workbook, Get the “F” Out! were born from my journey of facing my deepest fears, recognizing the core beliefs from which they came and changing them through my authentic voice rising from my soul. My mission is to help you claim independence from your fear, liberate yourself from the beliefs holding you hostage causing you to doubt your value, feel uncertain about your future and shrink from your brilliance.

Isn’t it time you took a stand and claimed your independence?

Are you ready to gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to create a new roadmap for your life?

Are you ready to have the tools you need to navigate the transitions in your life with greater ease and peace of mind?

Are you ready to walk through the fire of your fear?

The ONE thing constant in life is change.

I’m committed to helping you navigate the waves of uncertainty when the shift happens by guiding you with the strategies and tools to claim independence from your F.E.A.R. and stand in your power knowing everything you need to live the life you desire and deserve in within you.

Yes, you! 

I discovered how to break free from my ego dominated monkey mind, master my mindset and allow my inner guidance to guide me to a life of greater freedom, happiness, and success and it is my honor and privilege to help you do the same.

Like many people, for many years I was setting goals. Some goals I was able to achieve, others I was not. I read books that focused on goal setting, listened to numerous webinars and CD’s, hired personal coaches… all to move me forward in the direction of my goals and my future. As I went over my goals, with the help of Carolyn, I realized many of my goals had no real meaning to me. As Carolyn coached with an empathetic heart, I found myself actually becoming very emotional, sometimes to the point of tears. For the first time in my life, my goals became clear because they were attached to my heart strings…to what makes my heart beat! My goals, dreams and desires came from the very depth of my entire being!
Carolyn would not make you go emotionally, spiritually or mentally where she hasn’t gone herself. That’s what I was looking for in a coach someone who has personally done the work themselves. I have relied on Carolyn’s compassion and knowledge and now consider her a good friend, a mentor and a blessing in my life.
Thank you Carolyn for all you do for so many!

- Celeste W.

I’m Carolyn and not only do I love speaking, and helping people walk through the fire of their F.E.A.R.,  I’m the mom to a smart, funny, precocious daughter who makes my world a brighter place. I’m an animal lover (yes, I talk to my cat) they teach us so much about present moment awareness and unconditional love. Being outdoors is a necessity for me connecting with Nature and living a holistic lifestyle that nurtures my mind, body, and spirit.  Having FUN is a daily exercise because without fun life becomes dull and boring.


Isn’t it time you took a stand for you? What if the life you’ve been dreaming of is on the other side of your fear? You have the power to you to change it, to create a life filled with an abundance of love, joy, health, wealth, and well-being. What are you waiting for?

I’m here to guide you every step of the way to break free, claim your independence and take your life back!


My Core Values


Treasure – Every individual is a treasure with their own unique gifts and talents. My mission is to provide you with my undivided attention and commitment to giving you my best to empower you to share your gifts with confidence.

Respect – To respect and honor my customers, my team, my collaborators and myself by communicating honestly, authentically and with integrity

Us – When we work together we are partners with common goals and objectives.

Safety – To provide an environment in which it is safe to speak openly and with confidence that what is shared is confidential and respected.

Trust – To serve my community by sharing my knowledge and expertise through quality products and services providing great value.


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