You’re going through a transition and you want to make changes in your life but you doubt yourself, don’t make decisions, and you stay stuck instead of moving forward.


Your self-esteem has disappeared and fear has taken over – and instead of life happening for you, life is happening TO you.

You’re drowning in guilt, shame, and vulnerability and at a time when you should be your own top priority, you keep sabotaging yourself and procrastinating instead of moving forward. You fear judgment and being criticized and you feel like you just don’t matter.

Apathy. You want to make a change so badly but you don’t know what to do and you’re so scared. The pain is so great but you don’t know where to go and what to do… and so you do nothing.

You keep telling others you’re ok. You tell yourself it’s ok. But inside you’re slowly dying. Drowning in guilt. Lost in your own helpless story.

You know you are intelligent. You have skills and talent and gifts – but you just don’t know how to get from point A to point B. Where do you start? What steps do you take? How do you create a better life for yourself?


Is it even possible?


I help people who are struggling with change gain clarity, control, and claim your independence from fear, guilt, and shame by understanding and embracing your value and helping you discover the tools and resources necessary to take back your life.


Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed and worried about your future?

 Are you going through a major life transition – work, career, moving, divorce, aging parents,   empty nester?

 Are you scattered, unfocused, and unmotivated and things are falling through the cracks?

Do the same challenges keep showing up in your life?

Are you reliving the same story over and over again?


This personalized roadmap gives you the tools to be able to shift out of being driven by your fear and stake your claim on creating the life you want

Claim your independence program helps navigate you through challenges instead of feeling
out of control you’ll understand how and what you CAN control so you can effectively manage whatever comes your way.

You know you’re on the brink to making BIG strides in your life.

You’re feeling more confident and taking steps towards your goals. Yet you’re still struggling with worry, overwhelm and procrastination.

Are you ready to become Unstoppable?

During this 90 minute session you’ll learn:

The Core Beliefs Behind What’s Stopping You

How to Stop It and Shift It With Ease

Tools to Use to Master Your Mindset


You’re tired of struggling and you know you need to make changes in your life YET  you’re unsure of how to start, what to do to stop the mindless chatter swirling in your brain.

Help’s Here!

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute session to clear the confusion and gain the clarity to move forward.

Carolyn’s tactical approach to determine one’s passion followed up with setting goals to achieve the inherent passions, prevents one from straying from resolving/finding/ascertaining one’s actual purpose and passion in life.  Carolyn presents a plan for “getting there”, all the while allowing flexibility for change.

- Patti P.

A BIG shout out to Carolyn Bennett for an amazing mindset call.I have been struggling with deep old very destructive belief patterns that I have carried with me for sooo long…and while I have come so far…Carolyn took my hand into the next big step!..
the doing part…….the part where I take my dreams new beliefs and create a new and improved reality…
I needed someone who could relate to where I was…at the very itty bitty beginning, and hold that magical space where I could put things in practical application….manifesting in action..
she gave me more tools…beliefs..and mantras to focus on…that worked for me. So that I could be in a position to accept even better things…to implement all the amazing tools and information and gifts that is all around me right now!
There is so much around for all of us….this group is proof of all the massive gifts that keeps on giving to all of us….but sometimes we need someone to take our hand and lead us a step closer…so we finally reach out and say yes!
She has genuine compassion, and is another wonderful down to earth coach for anyone who wants to find their first step but feels stuck at the beginning.

– Caitlin S.

Carolyn provides insight, wisdom and guidance from “real world” experience. She understands the challenges of day to day living that cause the excited monkey mind to dominant your thinking. Through her presentations, book and workshops she offers ways to immediately un-cage the monkey chatter so you can harness your focus and re-connect to your internal guidance system allowing your inner wisdom to guide you instead of fear.

Carolyn’s Stuck to Unstoppable 10 Day Challenge is an extremely valuable tool to getting yourself back on the right track! I started the challenge hoping it would help me to learn more about myself and why I was struggling in my new business venture. My gains were so much more than that!!! I learned a lot about myself through Carolyn’s guidance and reflective questioning. More importantly, I learned what’s been holding back my successes in many areas in my life. Because of this program I have a much better sense of who I am, what I need to succeed in my business (self confidence) and how to get it (by digging deeper and figuring out why this career choice is important to me). I’m all good with my business now! And the best part is my marriage is happier too! My husband and I are really working better as a team because we have a much better understanding of each other’s needs and personal communication styles. I’m so grateful to Carolyn for taking her painful past and using it to develop her tried and tested strategies for overcoming F.E,A.R. and the negative monkey chatter that can fill our heads with nonsense ideas of not being enough of one thing or another to succeed. Carolyn is an experienced professional who genuinely wants to help us all reach our true potential. I’m so glad to have participated in some of her programs. I’ve been recommending them to friends and family ever since!

– Christine D.


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