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You feel stuck.

Stuck in procrastination and lack of self-worth.

You’re constantly doubting yourself and not moving forward with your life…

You’re trying to prove your value in relationships. Constantly trying to have to prove your worthiness – so concerned what other people think, hiding your past and drowning in guilt and shame It’s affecting your career, your relationships, and your life.

You feel like nobody has your back and you have to be strong.
It’s hard to trust others and reach out and ask for help and you feel like you have to deal with it all yourself; handle the challenges on your own.

You struggle with self-esteem issues and lack of confidence despite your talent, intelligence, and capabilities and you don’t feel valuable or lovable. You feel like you have to give of yourself to receive.

It’s time to walk through the fire, stand up for yourself and claim your independence. To own your value, discover how to trust yourself and let go of false beliefs, move forward with confidence, and truly have the love and life you deserve.

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Once we have clarity, it doesn’t matter if what we desire seems impossible. The clarity and the focus towards that desire opens us to allow the steps and opportunities to show up. When we’re confused, we don’t even trust to take a step because we don’t know what we want or where we’re headed.

-Carolyn Bennett Sullivan

Excerpt from her book “Get the “F” out”


Carolyn helped me work through an “Ahhh!” moment just days before launching a business. Her style put me at ease: we chatted and she heard me out, giving voice to some of the stuff swirling around my mind. Carolyn didn’t just pump me up on the phone — she gave me actionable homework and exercises to implement afterward. And it helped BIG TIME. I’ve gone from not feeling “good enough” to chomping at the bit to get my name out there. We have plans to do a little more work on anxieties, and I can’t wait

- Erica B.

A must read. A book I can fully relate to. As I read through her life I am reading through my own life.

- Vernon M. Selden

★★★★★ , Amazon Book Review

Get it, read it, HEED it! Great book, easy to read with lots of great advice from the heart of Carolyn!

Frederick J. Dawson

★★★★★ , Amazon Book Review

I carry this book around in my purse. Really. I do. When it arrived (it is rather small in size) I thought to myself, "Little. Interesting choice." I put it in my purse. Of course I read it quite soon (who could resist such an intriguing title?). I'm done reading. It is still in my purse. It is not leaving, and no I am not lending it out. I'll gift a new one (and indeed I will), but no loans of this one. This one is mine, because this book is..really...that good. How can I describe it to you? This book took me by the hand, sat down with me over coffee, shared, bonded (and I AM NOT the bonding type!!), and pointed me North. When I had completed the last page, it felt as if a visit were ending. Yes, it is that good.
- Mary Ann D.

★★★★★ , Amazon Book Review

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