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Transition At Work

You’re sitting at your desk at work when the email comes across announcing yet another change. Whether it’s a re-organization, a department change, a merger it always seems like something is changing at work.


You think to yourself, Ugh! not again.  When are things going to calm down around here?  It seems like whenever I get used to my current position I have to change again. New policies new directives it never ends and it’s always stressful and makes me anxious.


Does this sound like you? Because if you can relate to this you’re like many people in the working world. The truth is change is constant and is certainly constant in corporations. In fact when companies stop changing they lose their edge and fall behind in the marketplace. ToysRUs, Blockbuster, Sears need I say more?


How do you navigate change at work? Do you embrace it? Get excited about new possibilities and opportunities? Or does just the thought of change fill you with anxiety? Many of my friends are seasoned professionals and have learned to just go with the flow when change occurs. Experience and time has taught them to focus on their work to the best of their ability, be in control of what they can and let go of what’s out of their control. Yet, it’s not always that easy or is it?


Your circumstances, how your co-workers, colleagues and management acts and reacts is out of your control and  that’s what makes transition at work so challenging. Often you’re expected to follow the dictates of management without any regard to what you think or desire. It can leave you feeling frustrated angry and completely stressed out particularly when you have to deal with co-workers you don’t trust or like or management who’s more concerned about their own agenda than empowering and leading their employees.


I get it. I spent over eleven years in pharmaceutical sales and had my share of ego driven control freaks as managers and Regional Executive management. I often hated my job because of the Corporate BS that was imposed upon us. After two mergers I was fortunate to take a severance package knowing it was the right decision for me, although at the time it felt really scary to leave a good paying job with benefits.


What I’ve learned since then is how you react to change IS completely in your control. The situations and changes that happen at work may not be of your doing yet you’re the Captain of Your Ship and have choices beyond your current reality.


If you’re struggling with a transition at work whether it be a new position, relocation, reorganization, retirement I’m here to help. Change can feel scary and overwhelming yet it always brings opportunity with it.  As a change management specialist, I’m here to help you navigate change with greater ease, to provide tools and strategies so when shift happens you’ll embrace transition with confidence knowing you have the power to choose how to manage change.

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