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About Carolyn

July 13, 2003 was the day that changed everything for me.

It was my first day back from vacation, I was getting ready for work and The Today Show was on downstairs.. Suddenly my  husband called to me “Come downstairs NOW.” I rushed down the stairs to hear the announcement that Pfizer was buying Pharmacia. WHAT? I checked voicemail and sure enough our CEO had left a voicemail announcing our “merger” with Pfizer.

CHANGE. Another merger. Time to brush up the resume and figure out what I was going to do. Sound familiar?  According to Deloitte University Press, on average employees experienced three major changes in the past year up from 1.75 three years ago. Truth is change is happening even more rapidly now than ever. And it’s not going to stop.

How your organization navigates change is crucial to your success or failure. And it‘s not just about helping your people learn new skill sets or find new positions. The BIGGEST roadblock to successful change is FEAR of the unknown.

During the following year after the announcement of Pfizer buying Pharmacia, I spent months being told to “go out there and sell”, “don’t talk about the merger with your Doctors” and little was communicated as to what actually was happening to the work force. The uncertainty of not knowing if I going to have a job, what would happen to my benefits, where would I be working and more was so stressful it impacted every area of my life and relationships. Can you relate?

Subsequently I decided to take a severance package and leave Corporate America after twenty plus years in sales to pursue a distributorship in a network marketing company. Problem was, I kept the fear with me instead of ditching it at the door. Change kept happening and I felt frustrated, helpless and even hopeless.

Until I realized I had the power to choose how I navigate change. It was up to me to control my emotions and perception of the changes occurring around me and the ones I wanted to make.

 And that’s exactly how we help you too! You see the dirty little secret no one talks about at work is how FREAKIN scared they are of change. No one wants to talk about how stressed they feel and how the uncertainty is killing them because it’s seen as a sign of weakness.

The truth is the MORE your Executive team, managers and employees understand the emotions that drive the fear of change the more empowered they are to make better choices. Better choices mean less stress, more confidence and collaboration and improved employee morale resulting in better work flow and profits.

Here’s how we work:

Small focus groups masterminding and dismantling the fear and distrust that occurs during change at work.

Workshops like “When Shift Happens” to give your teams the tools to navigate the uncertainty of change with confidence.

Inspirational, interactive talks to get your people to open up and take control of their mindset and monkey chatter during transition.


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