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Get the “F” Out!

We often hold onto mistakes-as-failures belief for years, feeling guilty abut an action we took. What if you remembered that in every circumstance you did the best you could in that moment even if the best you could do during that moment was a mess? Even if you were screaming, yelling, crying, shouting words you knew you’d later regret, if that was your best in that moment, why not let it go? Why hold onto it like a treasure when all it does is weigh you down?

Carolyn Bennett Sullivan from her book “Get the “F” out”

In this book, I’ve share some of the concepts and tools I use to help you liberate from the ego’s desire to keep you living in a state of fear-based thinking to a consciousness based on love. Whether you’re tired of living filled with self-doubt, worry, and frustration, going through a transition or trying to make sense of your life this book gives you the roadmap to living with a greater sense of empowerment, connection, joy and peace. You can return to it over and over again to reconnect with your inner guidance whenever the monkey chatter begins to take over.

This Reference Guide and Workbook I’ve brought to your aid is a user-friendly companion to her my opening book, Get the “F” Out!, Liberating Fear & Letting Love In. In each chapter I provide powerful “real life” tools that allow you to liberate your FEAR and discover the new, happier, more fulfilling life you deserve.

My straight-from-the-heart approach is found throughout this workbook as I guide you to recognize FEAR for what it really is and release obstacles in your way. Learn now in my step-by-step method, how to unlock the monkey chatter in your mind and send fear on a permanent vacation or as I say, Get the “F” Out!

Carolyn speaks from the heart sharing her own personal journey and how she learned to recognize FEAR for what it really is and how to master it in your life. If you’re looking for a dynamic, engaging speaker, she gives people real life tools to empower them to pursue their own goals, purpose and move forward with clarity, confidence, and courage.


Carolyn helped me work through an “Ahhh!” moment just days before launching a business. Her style put me at ease: we chatted and she heard me out, giving voice to some of the stuff swirling around my mind. Carolyn didn’t just pump me up on the phone — she gave me actionable homework and exercises to implement afterward. And it helped BIG TIME. I’ve gone from not feeling “good enough” to chomping at the bit to get my name out there. We have plans to do a little more work on anxieties, and I can’t wait

- Erica B.

A must read. A book I can fully relate to. As I read through her life I am reading through my own life.

- Vernon M. Selden

★★★★★ , Amazon Book Review

Get it, read it, HEED it! Great book, easy to read with lots of great advice from the heart of Carolyn!

Frederick J. Dawson

★★★★★ , Amazon Book Review

I carry this book around in my purse. Really. I do. When it arrived (it is rather small in size) I thought to myself, "Little. Interesting choice." I put it in my purse. Of course I read it quite soon (who could resist such an intriguing title?). I'm done reading. It is still in my purse. It is not leaving, and no I am not lending it out. I'll gift a new one (and indeed I will), but no loans of this one. This one is mine, because this book is..really...that good. How can I describe it to you? This book took me by the hand, sat down with me over coffee, shared, bonded (and I AM NOT the bonding type!!), and pointed me North. When I had completed the last page, it felt as if a visit were ending. Yes, it is that good.
- Mary Ann D.

★★★★★ , Amazon Book Review