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The Fear of Change

There’s a dirty little secret that no one is talking about. Want to know what it is? It’s fear of change. As many policies and procedures companies put in place to help them, fear is like the elephant in the room that no one’s talking about. No one wants to talk about their fear. It’s considered a sign of weakness.  What if your vulnerability was actually a strength?

I talked with enough people who shared with me the fear that they experience at work during change. Sometimes they fear that they won’t be able to do their new job or that they won’t get along with their colleagues or manager or that they’re going to be downsized again. Change  creates a lot of stress that flows into employees personal lives and can wreak havoc on their relationships, health and productivity.

What if we started talking about the fear of change at work? What if people actually had tools and resources they could implement to help them clear out anxiety and stress when change is happening at their job?

As a change management specialist that focuses on acknowledging and addressing the fear and mistrust that occurs in organizations during transition I can help your team navigate the uncertainty and fear that occurs during change.

Why is it important to start talking about the fear and resistance of change that occurs in organizations? Because the ensuing fear and mistrust that occurs impedes productivity, efficiency, and the bottom line.

Did You Know?

An estimated 1 Million Workers are absent every day due to stress.


“A company’s fear of failure breeds the same fear among its employees creating a ‘company sickness’ and culture of anxiety,” says Dr Sinclair. “Ironically this backfires and impacts the bottom line.”


Imagine your employees engaged, productive and happy because they have the ability to navigate the disruptive changes constantly occurring in the workplace.


You don’t have to, we’ve created tools and strategies to help your most valuable asset thrive through change with less stress and  more confidence. When your employees feel confident about the changes occurring at work they’ll remain focused, engaged and productive resulting in a happier work force and increased profits.

Who We Work With

Innovative Mid-size to Large Companies

The Five Key Times Our Clients Call:

Organization restructuring resulting in department changes or downsizing.

Sudden departure of CEO causing uncertainty within the company.

Constant disruptions during working hours with increased pressure to perform.

Silver Tsunami syndrome – aging employees not engaged or interested in innovation.

Company acquisition creating fear of loss of jobs and low employee morale.

With over thirty years of experience in five industries, Carolyn Bennett-Sullivan serves as your trusted advisor in leading your organization to navigate change with less stress, higher employee morale and productivity resulting in better performance, reduced sick days and rock solid profits.

How to Work with Us


Workshops & Trainings

Focus Groups

Stakeholder Interviews

Employee Assessments

Executive Retreats

Internal Executive Roundtables

Inspire Confidence Through Change

Stop allowing the fear of change drive your talent into resistance, stress and non-productivity. Start acknowledging and addressing the fear no one’s talking about to improve employee morale, create better communication and trust, and maintain your profits during transition.

Want to Strategize Your Next Step?

We realize your company may not currently be in the flux of change or seeking an outside expert yet we want to save you hours of searching later.

We found it a good use of time for leaders to strategize how to prepare for change so when it occurs a plan is in place. And should you need the help of an expert you know who to call.

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